We are thrilled to have such a wonderful team of Teri Love ambassadors. They have been loving our products and promoting them on social media and elsewhere. We would love to share their 15% off discount codes with you (just one per order).

We are also thrilled to announce the launch for our new body cream ACCEPTANCE. This body cream is extraordinary–super light but ultra hydrating. Made with beautiful ingredients such as Vegan silk amino acids and blueberry.

Below are our beautiful ambassadors who participated in the launch of our ACCEPTANCE campaign and their interpretation of what ACCEPTANCE means to them through their artistry and words. Teri Love believes that all are created equal and that no one is better than anyone else. We believe in equal rights for every beautiful person that God created and that everyone should be treated with love & respect regardless of gender identification, the color of one’s skin and accepting differing viewpoints with love & respect.

I was inspired to name our beautiful body cream ACCEPTANCE because of Danielle our amazing trans woman who you can see below. She wrote and asked if I would consider a trans woman and it broke my heart that she even had to ask. We are so proud to have her on the Teri Love team. She has now been promoted to Manager of Affiliate Relations.

” I was one of these kids that fit in. What Acceptance means to me is: being able to be myself and not feel excluded because of it.”


“Acceptence to me means, having an open mind and heard. It means loving youself in order to love others fully. We are ALL more than same than different. Love one another.”


“Acceptance is accepying yourself and others just as you/they are. but still striving to be better today than you were yesterday.”

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“Acceptence to me is: Loving someonhe… Not for what they possess or can contribute, but for every Flaw and quirk in their entire being.”


“Acceptance is the ability to acceprt things you once saw as flaws about yourself. To learn and love through the ability of art, to move ahead and accept who you once was… To become the person you want to become.”

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“You don’t need someone to complete you. You only need someone to ACCEPT you comletely.”

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” I believe acceptance and mercy towards oneself is overlocked to often. Learn to ACCEPT youself as well as others even when you feel pain or failure. It will make the moments you ACCEPT yourself and those around you in times of healing and success even more gratifying and full of grace.”

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“You can’t have full diversity and acceptance if anyone is left out. You can’t have one and not the other we have to be whole.”


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