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Truth in Aging's Review of our Know Thyself Facial Cream.."Impeccable Ingredients," 5 Stars. 

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Truth In Aging's Review of our Supernal Exfoliating Scrub + Mask - "The Best Scrub & Mask Ever!" 5 Stars.

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Truth In Aging's Review of our Be Relentless Facial Oil - 5 stars

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Beauty Influencer Hannah Chestnut reviews our ever so beautiful Be Relentless Facial Oil!


I recently received this oil from Teri Love Advanced Skincare and OMG...This is a lightweight facial oil made with natural fruit extracts that work to brighten and hydrate your skin. Having oily, sensitive skin, I was reluctant to use it, but after I saw how quick it absorbed into my skin and how perfectly hydrated it was (without me turning into an oily mess) I was hooked. It's been a little over a week of testing and playing around with it, and I can honestly say it's totally safe for us oily people to use morning and night without risk of getting oily throughout the day. All of Teri Love's products are made in small batches to ensure the best possible quality. I find that my skin is looking better than ever. In addition, my makeup has been lasting longer without creasing or getting cakey!

Seriously though! There are so many products that advertise for all skin types and it’s simply not true. Yours, however, is the first one that can honestly say it!


Beauty Influencer Tara Brown reviews the entire Teri Love Collection (give-away ends on 3/4/20).

Beauty Influencer Lauren Rowe reviews our gorgeous Be Relentless Facial Oil and our Supernal Exfoliating Gel Mask + Scrub..enjoy!

Lisa Smith Baker - Beauty Influencer for Amazon -- review of our BE RELENTLESS FACIAL OIL



Small businesses I am finding have the exemplary products. Because they CARE. I usually do not write reviews but I felt compelled to for Teri Love Advanced Skincare! I chose the product : BE RELENTLESS BRIGHTENING FACIAL OIL. I have a problem with some sun spots, uneven skin tone and sallow looking skin and have tried ALL the big name companies. This product has ALL NATURAL ingredients! I use an app Think Dirty and before I purchases anything I run product through app. This product came up a 10 and all green which means not one bad ingredient! I use this product both morning and evening. You only use a few drops on a misted face and your skin drinks up this oil. I cannot find the words to explain how soft and supple your skin feels after FIRST use!! This DREAMY product had absolutely changed my skin. My skin is now dazzling, vibrant, radiant, soft & supple, moisturized , and even skin tone. Having great skin now makes me feel elegant, desirable, and just feel exquisite. My skin has NEVER looked so gorgeous so much so i haven’t been using FOUNDATION. The seller Dr. Teri Dourmashkin is 100% committed to this business. Asked her several questions before I made the purchase and she answered very graciously. I am now ordering Teri Love other products and can’t wait to see how fabulous my skin is after using her entire line!! I am so captivated by this first product that I can’t stop touching my face! It is just so smooth and soft I keep feeling it! Go and look at her products so you can finally be happy with your skincare products like I am at Get your liquid gold so you can love your face again like i am loving mine! I recommend this brand 100%